Dear Mr. James

You have just come off losing the NBA championship to The Dallas Mavericks. Talking to the media right after losing a big game, is a very difficult task, but not hard. You step up to the podium, you tip your hat to the winning team, and you move forward.

No… that’s not what you do. You tell all your haters that they will still have problems in their lives, but you’ll continue to be Lebron James, and live yours.

Let me start off by saying, I like you Bron. I’ve liked you ever since you came in the league 7 years ago. I like what you bring to the basketball table. Your physical ability to play basketball can not be denied, however, that’s where my like for you stops.

You seem to not understand the word humble, and that upsets most people. I could care less about you being humble, but if your going to talk the talk, you better be ready to walk the walk. In my eyes, you’re the 2011 version of Scottie Pippen. Scottie was the man, next to the man. (Insert Michael Jordan here)

Scottie did well, and you can too! You’re bigger, stronger, and faster. You jumped at the chance to move your talents down to South Beach because you need someone to help you. To be Jordan, you would’ve stayed at Cleveland, taken your beatings and found a way to win. Your not Jordan, which is why,you jumped at the first chance to become Dwayne Wade’s Robin. Kobe, Melo,D. Wade and Dirk have something, that you don’t have. They have the “Killer Gene”. The Gene that makes any ball player, worth the price of admission. Those who have the “Killer Gene” close you out, beat you up, do anything in their basketball powers to beat you. They don’t crawl into a shell because someone else is doing the bulk of the scoring, or they don’t make fun of the opposition by making fun of their injury. (very confusing)

All this talk about you being the next Jordan can cease for a few.

Here are some ideas for you going into the new season:

1. Be angry.—— Anger can be the fuel that takes you over the edge. Clearly, the haters aren’t enough fuel.

2. Respect the opposition. —— Everyone doesn’t want you to win, including the players. Making fun of them doesn’t help.

3. Give the Media nothing to report. —— If you’re quiet, their quiet. Just ask Mark Cuban.

I’m riding with you homie.

Constructive criticism